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 Isabella Hale~ unfinished.

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Isabella Hale

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Isabella Hale~ unfinished. Empty
PostSubject: Isabella Hale~ unfinished.   Isabella Hale~ unfinished. EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 12:01 pm

your name: Holly
your age: 16
Character name: Isabella Hale
Character age: 16
what are you?: Vampire
occupation Student
personality: Smart, Doesn't have many friends and is a nice person.
rp sample( minimum of 300 words): I was sat on the bench in the corridor, reading a book, twilight. I read through the pages, looking up occasionally as someone would walk past me. I didn’t fit in very well but that didn’t bother me, I just goot on with work. I suppose I didn’t fit in well because I was new to the school, A couple of people talked to me but others just stared. The people who did wasn’t in my lessons and was genuinely never near me. Sometimes I wished I was like Bella, I did have the same name as her but I didn’t look like her, I didn’t act like her and most of all, I didn’t know anyone she knew. I flicked through the pages, I had read it over 10 times; I just loved the book. That was when someone walked past but stopped infront of me. They grabbed the book and through it across the floor, I stood up, anger taking over my body. I froze looking to see who it was, Of course someone who thought they were better then anyone else. I could tell by the way he was stood, “Hey!” I called looking at my book, now on the ground. “What?” He answered with. “That there,” I said pointing to my book before adding, “That is mine and you just kind of threw it on the floor”. “Oh sorry” He said turning around and joining his friends and walking away, laughing. My hands curled into fists but I resisted and stormed off to go retrieve my book form down the corridor. When I returned with my book in my hands, someone was sat in my place. I sighed and turned around, stalking off down the long corridor. I found another seat just outside the library and sat there. I don’t know why I didn’t just go into the library but I didn’t. I sat there staring at my book, focusing on every word.

History: Isabella has never really fitted in anywhere, she tends to enjoy being by herself reading a book. Even before she was changed she would still read books. She can’t really remember much of her human life, all she can is that she had a sister that was now dead and her name was Isabella Hale. She doesn’t think she has a middle name so she left her name at that. She thinks she can’t remember much because she lived on the streets, in a dark alley way, not much to see. Things got better when she was changed, she didn’t need to eat as often and didn’t have to stay in the alley all day and night.
When she found out about being accepted to join Hogwarts she was thrilled because she had never got a chance at education.
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Isabella Hale~ unfinished.
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