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PostSubject: Al'Lan Mandragoran   Al'Lan Mandragoran EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 12:00 pm

Al'Lan Mandragoran Viggomortensen
Conor 'Lan' Mitchell
15 years of age
Character name: Al'Lan Mandragoran better known as Lan the black
Character age: 16
what are you?: Human
occupation: Student
Lan is a dark grim person with a deep running sense of honour, seclusion and peace are what he enjoys most where he can work his talents to the maximum, a sporting man, quiditch and duelling are both past times of his during his school years as he has a sense of fair play and competitiveness, he is called Lan the black sorcerer or Lan the Black magi because of the aura of palpable power around him even when he is not working magic, his raw talent is so strong and he is a quick learner though a little haughty and arrogant..

rp sample
Lan stood atop the hill, his expression grim as he looked upon Hogwarts, truly it was his home more than his small home with muggles, he was a wizard of great power and potential. The Al' had been put in front of his name as a title .. by a goblin, the Al' meaning power in the darkness, originally the goblin had been mocking Lan but he had taken it as a serious affair and took it to his name, as time passed Lan grew more distant from the world, colder darker until today, now he stood atop the hill, looking down upon his school and his true home, his youth belaying his raw power, he weaved his own spells, making them much like Snape had done in the past, even one that could cover him from the trace, or so he hoped as he had not tested it yet, for good reason. Today he waited for the hogwarts express to arrive as he watched teachers, small specks from up here, buzzing around the grounds in groups.

He saw the train approaching the station a few hours later and began jogging down the hill, his rucksack bulging on his back as his extreme fitness came to the fore, his long lopping strides carrying him down the slope and he reached the station at the same time as the train, blending in he dumped his bag in the pile near the last carriage and pulled on his tie quickly, having already donned his robes when he first sighted the train, now he moved among the crowd with ease, slipping between each person as he moved towards the carriages and sat in the corner of one as he saw Harry Potter and his little group approach, they all sat within the same carriage, Lan could see the beasts drawing the carriage as he knew Harry Potter could and a few others in his year, he sat stock still unnoticed until Ronald pointed him out shouting out "Hey you're Lan the black!" and Lan looked at him, his slate grey eyes cold as he sai din a curt tone "That is as they call me among those too short sighted to see I am no dark sorcerer, more an inventor of spells and potions, unheralded as I should be" then he looked at Harry who was watching him with a thoughtful expression and sighed.

Lan was born to the muggles James Crydee and Hayley Crydee, he was born in the countryside of northern Scotland.

During his childhood he lost his father to a car accident in a trip to London when a Lorry jackknifed on the M25 and landed upon his car, crushing him and the car, when his mother found out the news she took it well, stubborn as a rock for her sons sake, Lan was 7 at the time and was only just truly beginning to understand the concept of death. As their grief passed Lan's powers began to manifest, two years of grieving had brought the manifestation early.

Three times Lan was taken to a police station under accusations of vandalism to discover that he had used his powers to do it without thinking, Lan knew he was different, that these powers stemmed from within him and sought to manipulate them until he was paid a visit by Dumbledore who came and told him of his gifts a year early with a dire warning, not to try and manipulate them. Lan heeded the warning and a year later he was off to Hogwarts, his new home from home.

During his school years Lan was a straight A student, like Hermoine Granger he was given a time-turner so he could take double the subjects and learn more, though he found no stress from it completing homeworks and class works with ease. He forever sits in the shadows, a force waiting, making his own spells and potions and experimenting constantly.
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PostSubject: Re: Al'Lan Mandragoran   Al'Lan Mandragoran EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 12:17 pm

accepted go fill in the claims =)

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